Oh, how we’ve needed Nikita Afonso in 2019! The country-tinged pop singer is back with a vengeance on latest single ‘Holy, My Heart’, a powerful and heartbreaking pop song. The thing that Nikita creates so perfectly is atmosphere.”

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‘Holy My Heart’ is the latest release from Canadian singer/songwriter Nikita Afonso. The track showcases Nikita’s incredible vocal control at the forefront, backed with smooth and rhythmic guitar. Nikita’s strong but breathy vocals captivate the listener and provide a vibrant flair that keeps the us wanting more.”



After winning MTV Cover of the Month in February 2017, Nikita went on to gain the title of Best New Artist of the Year (2017), and Best Music Video of the Year (2018) at the International Portuguese Music Awards. The songwriter was voted Best Musician in the South Okanagan by Okanagan Life Magazine (2015), as her honest storytelling mixed with her modern pop/rock twist and breathy yet strong vocal harmonies has the ability to captivate audiences from the vibrant young to the charming old. She has proven to be an in-demand entertainer in the lower mainland performing in intimate settings as well as large crowds of regional music concerts such as opening for Paul Brandt and sharing a stage with Keith Urban. 

Band Stage Plot

Band Stage Plot

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